PHMS’s Student Assistance Program (SAP)

Here at Paxon-Hollow Middle School, the Student Assistance Program is a confidential program that aims to identify issues posing barriers to a student’s learning and school success. These barriers typically include the following:

  • Attendance
  • Academics
  • Health (physical and emotional)
  • Behaviors/Disciplinary issues

PHMS SAP Team Members are:

  • Linda Wigo
  • Tara Baselice
  • Andrew Davis
  • Marielle Martino
  • Sam Scott
  • Rosemary McCarthy
  • Michelle Bodnar
  • Terri Harper
  • Beth Baker
  • Caitlyn Coogan
  • Christopher Costello
  • TJ Gretchen
  • Matt Flood
  • Steve Subers

Click here to download an overview of the PHMS Student Assistance Program