Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. Constance E. Bompadre, Assistant Superintendent, cbompadre@mnsd.org

Mrs. Donna Reynolds, Secretary to the Asst. Superintendent, dreynolds@mnsd.org,  

Dr. Dorie Martin-Pitone, Supervisor of Language Arts & Federal Programs,                              DMartin-Pitone@mnsd.org


Dr. Josephine Johnston, Supervisor of Science, Family & Consumer Sciences, Technology and Business Education, jjohnston@mnsd.org

Mr. Matthew Flood, Supervisor of Social Studies, Art and Music, mflood@mnsd.org

Dr. Richard Slonaker, Supervisor of Mathematics, Health and Physical Education, rslonaker@mnsd.org

Mrs. Carolyn Paine, Curriculum Secretary, cpaine@mnsd.org , 610-359-4224


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