James Gallagher
Director of Operations

610.359.4200 Ext. 4270

Dan McCormick
Coordinator of Facilities

610.359.4200  Ext. 7725

Marple Newtown School District Supports Recycling:

  • Recycled materials are picked up at our schools in Marple by Marple Township and in Newtown by a private hauler.
  • Both send the recycled materials to Blue Mountain Recycling located in North Wales, PA., where the materials are sorted. 
  • The sorted materials are then sent to RECOMMUNITY.
  • You can see what RECOMMUNITY does with the recycled materials by going to their website, www.recommunity.com


Facility Access

It is one of the Marple Newtown School District’s goals to provide a safe and secure environment for our students to learn and prepare for their future.  To assist in completing that goal the Marple Newtown School District is announcing that effective immediately, for the safety and security of the Marple Newtown School District Students, the district’s buildings and grounds will be closed to all persons, except students, staff, and those having business with students and staff, during regular school hours. 

This includes the public use of the facilities during School District events.  For example, if there is a soccer game, in progress on the stadium field, the public will not be permitted to use the stadium track.  

As always the Marple Newtown School District buildings and grounds are available for use by groups by following the information found in Policy 707.  Policy 707 can be found below.