About Us


An Exemplary Curriculum
*   Advanced Programs in Science, Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Foreign Language
*   Integrated Language Arts
*   Social Studies
*   Science
*   Mathematics
*   “Smart Boards” – All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards using standards based software enhancing the learning experience for all students.
*   Art – Students are exposed to many different styles, themes, and techniques.
*   Music – Studies focus on the elements, styles, and history of music.
*   Physical Education – Within this curriculum, students are exposed to health, wellness, DARE, rock climbing, biking, line dancing, circuit training, weight training, as well as many other fun activities.
*   Technology – Within our technology department, students are exposed to production and design activities, computer training modules, drafting, woodworking, and many other activities.
*   Family and Consumer Sciences – Studies focus on sewing, cooking, types of fabric, nutrition and safety within the kitchen.
*   Computers – studies focus on strengths and weaknesses of technology, word processing, database, keyboarding, ways of using the Internet, and other areas.
*   Foreign Language – students are exposed to French and Spanish
*   Career Awareness – students are exposed to various occupations based on their skills, abilities, and interests.

Enrichment Activities
  *   Assemblies
  *   Student Council
  *   Athletic Council
  *   Educational Field Trips
  *   Instrumental Music
  *   Chorus
  *   Band
  *   Orchestra
  *   Tiger TV
  *   Talent Shows
  *   School Newspaper
  *   Child Safety Programs
  *   Art Show
  *   Spelling Bees
  *   Oratorical Competition
  *   Essay Contest
  *   Geography Olympiad
  *   Mural Club
  *   DARE
  *   Student of the Month
  *   Author Day & Writers’ Workshop

Where We Excel
*   Awarded the Don Eichorn Outstanding Middle School Award in 2006
*   Potter Cup – An all-school event created to raise school spirit has grown substantially and has raised over $300,000 for pediatric cancer research in the name of Alex’s Lemonade Stand since 2005.
*   “Cool to be Kind” – students are recognized monthly for being kind to others.
*   A strong academic program evidenced by standardized test scores over and above the national averages.
*   An active PTO that offers our school continued support and raises funds for the betterment of our school.
*   A nurturing environment fostered by the dedication of our faculty who are committed to the continued growth our students.
*   A commitment to the community as evidenced by our many fundraising activities to support worthy causes.
*   Student Assistance Program (SAP)

Sports’ Program (7th and 8th grade)
  *   Field Hockey
  *   Football
  *   Girls’ and Boys’ Soccer
  *   Volleyball
  *   Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball
  *   Wrestling
  *   Girls’ and Boys’ Lacrosse
  *   Softball
  *   Baseball
  *   Girls’ and Boys’ track
  *   Cross Country

Family Events
  *   Back to School Night
  *   National Education Week Visitation days
  *   Potter Cup
  *   Lemonade Bowl
  *   March Madness
  *   Dodge Ball
  *   Turkey Trot
  *   Pi Day
  *   Spring Concert
  *   Winter Concert
  *   One Act Plays
  *   Musical

 Dr. Stephen Subers, Principal                                                       610-359-4320 

      Mrs. Tracy Baker, Secretary

Mr. Matthew Flood, Assistant Principal                                         610-359-4325                                

Mr. Thomas J. Gretchen, Assistant Principal / Athletic Director     610-359-4325

      Mrs. Rose Vannicolo, Secretary to the Assistant Principals

Mrs. Amy Townsend, Attendance Secretary                               610-359-4320   

Mrs. Kathy Fernandez, Guidance Secretary                                610-359-4326

Ms. Tara Baselice, Counselor                                                        610-359-4324  

Mr. Andrew Davis                                                                          610-359-4327

Mrs. Linda Wigo, Counselor                                                         610-359-4328