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Last Updated: 9/3/2020 1:28 PM
815 Paxon Hollow Road
Broomall, PA 19008

Paxon Hollow Middle School Structure

Paxon Hollow Middle School includes 6th, 7th, and 8th grades and operates using a team model.  The team model consists of a group of teachers that work with students. Each team includes a math, English/Language Arts, science, history, special education, and gifted support teacher.  In addition, each grade has one counselor who remains with the grade level for the entire three years of middle school. 


This model offers students an interdisciplinary approach to promote academic, social, and emotional success. In addition, this teaming model offers students and parents a concentrated communication forum during the transitioning years from elementary to secondary school. 


There are two teams for each grade, which are titled after a letter in the Greek letter alphabet.  The 6th grade teams are named Alpha and Beta.  Each year, students are randomly assigned to one of the two teams. 



Dr. T. J. Gretchen, Principal                                              610-359-4320

          Mrs. Tracy Baker, Secretary                                    610-359-4320

Mr. Daniel Hyland, Assistant Principal                               610-359-4325

Ms. Christine White, Assistant Principal                            610-359-4325

Mr. Daniel Keehn, Dean of Students                                 610-359-4325

          Mrs. Dawn Patton, Secretary                                   610-359-4325


          Mrs. Christine Williams

          Attendance Secretary                                               610-359-4320


                                        PHMS GUIDANCE OFFICE

Ms. Tara Casertano, Counselor, 6th grade                           610-359-4324

Mr. Andrew Davis Counselor, 8th grade                               610-359-4327

Mrs. Linda Wigo, Counselor, 7th grade                                610-359-4328

          Mrs. Kathy Fernandez, Guidance Secretary             610-359-4326