Keyboarding & Mouse Skills

The fundementals.

Students visit the technology lab for computer learning in an assisted environment. In addition to the websites and software programs recommended by teachers to learn and play on the computer, children can benefit at home by practicing their keyboarding and mouse skills when it is comfortable for them to do so.

In the beginning...The Mouse

Using the Mouse

Moon Rock Catch

Keyboarding Skills


Keyboarding Skills

Grades 2 to 6

Module 1: Prehistoric Time (Alphabetic Keys)

Module 2: Ancient Times (Number and Symbol Keys)

Module 3: Early 20th Century (Keyboarding Mastery)

Module 4: Present Day (Increase Speed and Accuracy)

Module 5: Future (Practice and Improvement)


Additional keyboarding courses:

Dance Mat Typing (4 levels/12 stages total)

Keyboarding Fun Games

Keyboarding Games For Kids

Fun To Type


Keyboarding Games