Leo's Heroes




Leo's Heroes is a proactive, positive behavior program designed to encompass the best practices of character education, anti-bullying, and renaissance programs.

Vision:  We want Loomis to be a peaceful and productive environment where all students are being responsible citizens, known as “Leo’s Heroes”.  Bullying and poor behavior are not tolerated.  Staff, students, and parents will work together to encourage our children to demonstrate the positive character traits of Leo’s Heroes.  The traits are: cooperation, respect, responsibility, self-discipline, honesty, caring, integrity, perseverance, fairness and gratitude.

Design:  Ten different character traits will be emphasized throughout the school year.  The first Monday of each month we will have an assembly to introduce the character trait for that month and to recognize the Paw Pride winners from the previous month.  Classrooms will be given an opportunity to discuss what the trait means and how it can be applied to students’ daily lives in the classroom, on the playground, in the cafeteria, at school and outside of school.  Announcements will explain different ways students can display the character trait and be one of Leo’s Heroes.  A parent information sheet will be sent home each month and will allow students and their families to think of ways that the trait has been demonstrated at home or outside of school.  Students who complete and return the HERO WORK on time will be entered into a monthly raffle.  HERO WORK is a required homework assignment, designed to reinforce each character trait. 

Emphasis:  The emphasis of this program is on having students demonstrate outstanding citizenship through academic effort, regular attendance, positive behavior, and strong character.  Students have many opportunities each day to be a hero as they Help, Encourage, and Respect Others in all places at all times.

Recognition:  Teachers will recognize students who are displaying positive character in the classroom.   Students will also be recognized for positive behavior at the monthly assemblies through various raffles and the use of Paw Pride certificates.  Each month, in order to be one of Leo’s Heroes, and be eligible for the Paw Pride award and other incentives, students must have:

  • no unexcused absences/early dismissals (an excused absence requires both a phone call and a note)
  • no more than two latenesses
  • no missed homework (grades K,1,2), no more than two missed homework (grades 3,4,5)
  • no discipline issues that require a You Should Know Slip, Bus Incident Slip, Detentionor Suspension Notification.
  • no “N’s” in the Effort, Behavior and Citizenship areas of the report card (in months when a report card is issued)




LEO’S HEROES Calendar 2014-2015

September- Cooperation

February- Caring

October- Respect

March- Integrity

November- Responsibility

April- Perseverance

December- Self-Discipline

May- Fairness

January- Honesty

June- Gratitude