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    The SATs scheduled for November 7th and December 5th at MNHS will be held as scheduled.  If you are registered to take the test on either of those days at MNHS, please read the “Important SAT Test Day Information”.   The doors will open at 7:45 a.m.  

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Sponsor A Scholar

The Marple Newtown School District Sponsor-A-Scholar program is replicated from the highly successful, nationally acclaimed Philadelphia Futures Program.  This program recruits financial sponsors who are willing to make a four year commitment to a financially needy student who has demonstrated academic potential and an interest and intention of attending a four year college.

Sponsors create scholarships for their students by making a pre-determined contribution each year for four years beginning with the ninth grade.  These funds will help to fill the gap that may exist after all other sources of funding have been exhausted.  A second and more important aspect of the program is mentoring. Every student who is selected for the program receives a mentor, who serves as a role model and motivator for the student.  The mentor either comes from the sponsor’s organization or from the school district.

The Marple Newtown School District Sponsor-A-Scholar Program is not only a financial outreach program but a human outreach and school-business partnership, as well.  Through the vehicle of a sponsor’s generosity, a “significant other” enters the life of a child and develops a relationship that can and will shape the future of the young scholar.  All sponsors are encouraged to become the mentor, as well.  It is in this role that the sponsor can make the ultimate gesture of human kindness and caring for a young adult.

The first step in becoming a sponsor is to make the commitment to change the life of a child.  Then, the sponsor needs to decide the level of the financial commitment.

Gold Sponsor      $1,000/yr. for 4 yrs.          

Silver Sponsor      $750/yr for 4 yrs.      

Bronze Sponsor   $500/yr. for 4 yrs.

If you would like to Sponsor A Scholar, please contact the office of the Superintendent at 610-359-4256.