NEW UPDATE as of 1/4/2021



The Marple Newtown School District Food Service Department is happy to announce that the USDA has extended nationwide waivers to continue the Seamless Summer Option through June 2021.

This extension means that we are able to provide FREE breakfast and lunch to all students enrolled in our district and anyone 18 years old and younger that live in their household. 


FREE Lunch will be provided in schools for all students during A&B days.  In addition to in, school meals you are entitled to receive meals on the days you do not attend school (M-F).  Wednesdays will be the PICK UP DAY.  On Wednesday, you will receive 3 lunch meals and 5 breakfast meals.  Virtual students will receive 5 breakfast meals and 5 lunch meals.



  • Fill form out that is attached.  If you have already been picking up meals and filled out the form, you will automatically be put on the list for pick on WEDNESDAYS PICK UP (Please do not fill form out twice)


  • Meal pick up will be at Marple Newtown High School, Russell Elementary and Paxon Middle schools please form a car line around the backside of the school by the loading dock. Wednesday between 10:30-12:30.


MNSD Cafeteria employees will be on location to assist you.


*Action Required

If you are interested and have not already filled out a form please CLICK HERE to fill out the lunch program form.  If we do not receive the form back, the student(s) will not be provided lunches for pick up. 


*Please continue to scroll down for FAQ SHEET


I hope you and your family are safe and well during this COVID-19 situation, and thank you for the opportunity to help you in these difficult times.



Tina Stiles, Food Service Director - 






(Q) Will I receive confirmation that I filled out the form? No, your pickups will start immediately on Wednesdays.


(Q) My students does not qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch, am I still eligible for the free meal during A&B Hybrid and pick up?  Yes, the USDA waiver extensions includes everyone, regardless of lunch status.

(Q) Do I need to pay for the meals? No, the meals that are distributed are provided at no cost.

 (Q) Where and when do I pick up the meals? The meal pickup is on WEDNESDAY between 10:30-12:30  the location will be at Marple Newtown High School, Russell Elementary, Paxon Middle.  A completed meal pick up form (see link above) is required in order to receive meals.  All new signups will be required to pick up at the High School location. 


(Q) What will be in the bags? Wednesday pick up will include 5 Breakfasts and 3 Lunches.  If all virtual you will receive 5 lunches and 5 breakfast. 


(Q) How long will this program last and will I be charged for these meals at a later time? According to the USDA’s SSO (free Lunches) will run until the end of the school year June 2021.   You will be notified if there are changes to this program. You will not be charged for any meals.

(Q) Does my child/student need to be with me at the time of pick up? No, parents/guardians can pick up the meals without the child or student present.

(Q) What will my Childs lunch look like in school? Menu is posted online under food service mnsd website. 

(Q)  Can I pick up for other families?  Yes, as long you provide the names of the children you are picking up for.  Reminder one child in each household must be enrolled in MNSD to be eligible for free meals.



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